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How to....Make Your Own Real Flower Petal Confetti At Home

By rekeeley, Sep 11 2014 06:30PM

Making beautiful confetti isn’t as hard as you may think, it just takes a bit of time and patience.

If you are lucky enough to have access to a garden with flowering plants like roses and delphiniums then you are already well on your way. You’ll also need somewhere to dry your petals. An airing cupboard works well, or even just an airy space in your home where they can naturally dry. This obviously takes a little longer but the effect is just as good. Some larger confetti growers freeze dry their petals. Although this can be great on a large scale, it is a power-hungry process. We prefer to naturally air-dry our real flower petal confetti which we feel is much more eco-friendly and helps us keep costs down for our customers.

Pick flowers when they are in full bloom, timing is crucial. Too early and you miss out on some of the best petals, too late and they may have already started to brown. Roses are best harvested in mid-morning after any dew has dried and before the midday sun has reached its height. Don’t collect in the rain, it will just make drying them even harder.

Spread your petals out on a mesh or tray and pop in your drying area of choice. After a few days and once they are completely dry you should notice that although the petals will have shrunk in size, their colour with be intensified and some scent should remain.

Experiment with colour combinations and see what works. Store your petals well in a cool dark place and they should keep for months.

Not lucky enough to have a garden or don’t have the time to spend on making your own real flower petal confetti? Have no fear, we can do it all for you! Real flower petal confetti is available to buy now by the litre or in fab individual little sachets.

Real Flower Petal Confetti
Real Flower Petal Confetti
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